Using TYC from your desktop or mobile device makes managing of all your real estate transactions easier. TYC provides a whole suite of features to allow you to keep your closings On-Track!

Buyers & Sellers

Enhanced 24/7 Communication Among All Parties To Your Home Purchase/Sale

Real Estate Agents

Secure Collaboration Platform with customizable checklists to keep your clients informed every step of the way


Automate and Streamline Your Office Workflow with TYC’s Enhanced Workflow and Provide Your Clients with Real Time Updates on all Aspects of the Transaction with Customizable Checklists


Prevent Closing Delays Resulting From Late Disclosure Deliveries



Enhance Communication 24/7 Among All Parties To Your Home Purchase/Sale

Prevent Delays

Prevent Closing Delays Resulting From Late Disclosure Deliveries

Custom Alerts

Customized Checklists To Receive Alerts On The Information You Want

Real Estate Buyers & Sellers

Whether you are a seasoned homeowner or this is your first purchase, TYC is here to make it as smooth and seamless of a transaction as possible.

Secure Document Storage & Retrieval

Whether you need your closing documents today, next year, or 5 years from now, your documents will be securely stored for your retrieval at any time.

Secure Comunication

Get updates in the palm of your hand as they occur in real time. You will never be left wondering the status of any aspect of your transaction.

Task Tracking

Stay on track with a helpful transaction timeline of all the important dates and checklist items to keep you informed of the progress the entire time.

Closing Made Easy!

The idea of navigating a real estate transaction can be overwhelming. TYC makes the process easy and enjoyable providing the tools you and the professionals you work closely with need to securely collaborate throughout the entire process.

With TYC, you and your trusted real estate professional can customize a checklist for you to receive eAlerts upon an event being completed or becoming overdue.

TYC will keep you informed 24/7 every step of the way.

Real Estate Agents

Easily track all of your transactions in one place, no matter where, or from what device.

Secure Communication & Document Storage

TYC provides a turnkey solution to effectively and securely communicate and share documents with your clients while complying with regulations to protect NPI.

Customized Checklists

Customize a list of set of tracking items to keep your client well informed throughout the entire transaction.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

We know your work has to travel with you. The TYC mobile app keeps you informed of the progress of the transaction and in touch with your clients wherever you are.

Stay in Sync at the desk or on-the-go!

TYC allows you to keep track of all your transactions from anywhere anytime. Secure communication, document sharing, customized task tracking is all right at your figure tips via the mobile app or the web portal.

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For Attorneys

Enhance law firm productivity and client communication to mitigate against closing delays.

Secure Communication & Document Storage

TYC provides a turnkey solution to effectively and securely communicate and share documents with your clients while complying with regulations to protect NPI.

Service Order & Vendor Management

Place all of your real estate related orders (e.g. Title, Survey, etc.) to any of your preferred vendors all in one convenient place.

Task Creation & Tracking

Extensive task tracking through tracking checklist items, templates and rules are available to truly automate your office workflow.

Close Faster, Safer, & More Efficiently

TYC promotes the traditional independent legal representation function with cost-free, cutting edge technologies, delivering data in real-time within a SSAE16 compliant, secure environment. Attorneys enjoy complete control of determining what closing data is shared and with whom, thus maintaining customary confidential relationships while complying with the CFPB’s requirement to protect non-public private information (NPI).

The enhanced workflow capability will increase you firm’s productivity while allowing you to manage all of your preferred vendor orders in one convenient place, at the office or via the mobile app. Finally, TYC allows you to continue providing value to your clients well beyond the closing with continued access to all transaction related documents and information for at least 7 years.

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For Lenders

Enhanced communication & workflow to keep things closing on-time.

As revised regulations now require mortgage lenders to deliver a new set of consumer disclosures on a very strict timetable following the loan application and just prior to closing, lenders need to implement tools to effectively manage that process.

TYC is designed to mitigate delays by automating the delivery of e-disclosures while enhancing communication among all parties in the transaction.

For Service Providers

Convenience & increased opportunities through the TYC network.

Third party service providers such as Title Companies, Home Inspectors, and Land Surveyors can employ the TYC to manage all of your orders in one secure, easy to use portal.

Use tracking items, templates and rules to fully automate your office workflow. Because you’ll need to run efficient in order to handle the growth in business when you gain access to the entire TYC network of users

Real World Success

Whether you are a home purchaser, real estate agent, attorney, or lender TYC helps keep closings on track

Are you an Agent, Attorney or Lender?

Depending on your status, TYC will benefit your services in different ways. Real estate agents will see fewer calls and emails to routine questions that the client can get answered from TYC 24/7 as well as a screen branding capability with the brokers logo and click to contact appears.

Attorneys can reduce the time to close period by allowing the collaboration of all closing related documents, Provide detailed information about each step of the transaction, and documents giving that law firm a distinct advantage over the competition. Lenders now have an additional secure portal to post the required TRID documents leading up to closing to prevent settlement delays. For more information on how TYC will revolutionize your services, register now.

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